Israeli Cabaret, A multidisciplinary show

An apparently ordinary sing-along evening turns into a cabaret performance
Segments of dance, theatre, puppetry, and props create a variegated scenario, touching and comical, that takes a look at the Israeli reality in which we all are singing.

Created & performed by: Ruth Segalis | Efrat Hadany | Pablo Ariel
Acting and puppetry: Efrat Hadany & Pablo Ariel
Dancers: Layil Goren | Irena Zabel-Eshel | Nicole Mahler | Oren Tishler
Costume design: Rotem Noyfeld
Choreographer: Ruth Segalis
Directed by: Pablo Ariel
Produced by: “Zikit”
Thanks to: Roi Rashkes

The show takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, with a glass of wine in hand.