Over the last 30 years Pablo Ariel and The Galilee Multicultural Theatre created hundreds of puppet pieces.

Celebration is a selection of the best pieces of Efrat Hadany and Pablo Ariel for family audiences. Humor, music, black theater, and usual puppets are the ingredients of this creation. 

Tchaikovsky’s Nut Cracker dances, a picture draws itself in a strange meeting in a public garden. A circus performs on atop of a chair. All are part of this non-verbal show, where people of all ages can enjoy and laugh together.



Festival Ulls Barcelona 2012

Forum Belarusia 2011

Magic Curtin Children Theatre Festival , Bulgaria  2009

Kosovo National Theatre, Kosovo 2009

Sobotica international Children theatre festival , Serbia 2009

The 23International Puppets Festival of Tlaxcala, Mexico 2008

International Puppet festival of Veracruz ,Mexico 2008


Created: Efrat Hadany & Pablo Ariel

Director: Pablo Ariel

Performance: Efrat Hadany & Pablo Ariel