Since 1991, Pablo Ariel has worked with different Symphony Orchestras,Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic, etc. as a stage director, actor and scriptwriter of Concerts for Children. These concerts combine orchestras with stage performance. Some of them were broadcasted by the Israeli Television for the children's channel.

We present three different kinds of concerts:      

1. Playing music with a known story thread.

2. Concerts which present a musical instrument or a composer.

3. Operas in a shortened version for children.



In many countries, the classical music public has aged, and not enough of the young public is joining it.

One of the aims of these concerts is to bring children and young people into a stimulating visual reality, closer to the orchestras and the classical repertoire and show them that this can be exciting, interesting and full of fun. Because children are brought to the concerts by their parents or other adults, the enjoyment and exposure spans the age groups.

These concerts can be produced with any orchestra, together with a local conductor and with local performers under Pablo Ariel's direction.

The design of scenery, puppets, costumes and lighting will be provided by The Galilee Multicultural Theatre. 

The implementations of those elements, depending on the production, can be provided by The Galilee Multicultural Theatre or be executed by local bodies. The choreographer (if is needed) can be a local choreographer or can come from Israel.

There is also a possibility of producing new creations either for children or for adults according to the orchestra needs.