Cocktail Party

Close Encounter with the World of Puppet Theater The meeting includes viewing a piece of Puppet Theater and Objects Theater, all without words.  Participants will enjoy humorous, dramatic, and poetic pieces, using different techniques.  At the end of the performance there will be a discussion with the creators, who will explain the different techniques, the roles of the puppet operators, and the creative process, including examples.
Duration of the encounter: One hour


Artist reaction

Active Lecture: The Life of the Artist within the Israeli Reality

 Pablo Ariel, Creator, Actor, and Director, has held such meetings for many years.  He integrates lectures with live pieces and videos from his career.  In the meeting he explains his many and varied works, which were born as a reaction to the political or societal situations in Israel.  The audience is an active participant in the lecture, and manages the open dialogue, asking questions and answering questions. The lecture has been given in Israel and in many places in the world, including universities in the US, Mexico, a “Limud Conference” in England, and other locations.

Three Women from the Galilee

Three women from varied backgrounds who live in the Galilee share their personal stories using their individual stage skills – dance, puppets, and discussions with the audience. Together they give a glimpse of  what it is like to be a female artist living in the Galilee, and to be a woman anywhere who follows her dreams.

About the Artists:

Efrat Hadani is a puppeteer and sculptor, and the co-founder of the Galilee Multicultural Theater. A resident of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGhettaot (the Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz), she is a mother of three and has performed on many stages in Israel and abroad…. 

Irena Zabel-Eshel is a dancer in leading troupes in Israel and Europe.  A resident of Kfar Vradim, mother of three, Irena came to Israel from Germany 20 years ago Irena came to Israel to dance with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in 1964 and met her would-be husband…...

Ruth Siglis, choreographer, was born in the sixties in New York to israel art students parents … study dance in London, started a family, and ran Rose’s Thoughts Dance Company for ten years.  Upon returning to Israel, the family settled in the northern town of Rosh Pina...