Efrat Hadani

Puppet creator and operator, actress and designer, Efrat studied Plastic Arts in Bat Yam, and in Lisbon with the sculptor Jacque Kampish.  She has performed in plays for children and adults in festivals throughout the world.  Among her works are:  "Sophia's Drawings", "Celebretion", "Sweetand sour sweetie", "An Answer to a Letter My Father Never Wrote Me", "Despite This", and others.

Pablo Ariel

Theater Founder, Multidisciplinary Creator, Actor, and Director

Theater Pablo performed a one-man show throughout the world, and directed and wrote many plays for children and adults. 

Family concerts for ten years Directed family concerts with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra; performed with orchestras throughout the world as an                                                                                                 actor, director, and filmmaker.  These concerts blended the                                                                                                    orchestra's music with different stage forms. 

Television: Pablo participated in "Sesame Street", "I Have A Story",                                                                                              and "In Concert." 

Artistic Director: Of Israel Arts Fair events, Akko Festival, Haifa                                                                                          Children's Theater, Theater of the Deaf in Maghrar    ,

Educational films, producer of films about civil rights used by the                                                                                               Israeli Ministry of Education and other countries.

International Coo productions:     

Answer to an unwritten letter in work with the Tottales Theatre                                                                                       Vienna. Austria 2010
Series of concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the State                                                                                              of Chihuahua ,Mexico 2009
Concert for families with the International Festival for the arts                                                                               Chihuahua ,Mexico 2007
Series of concerts for families together with the Concepcion                                                                                      Symphony Orchestra , Chile 2002 , 2003

Ruth Sigalit-Gaster

Ruth has a Master Degree in Choreography and Performance Arts from "Laban Centre"  London.  In London she formed the dance troupe "Rose's Thoughts" and performed with the troupe throughout England; and France for a decade.  She received many prizes for her work, and was a candidate to the 2012 Jerwood Award, She founded the troupe "The Righteous" that performed in the Galilee, Haifa, Akko and Tel Aviv. 

Irena Tzabal-Eshel

Irena studied in a dance academy in Rotterdam, Holland.  She danced in the Kibbutz Dance Troupe and travelled with this group around the world.  She also danced with the Vertigo Dance Troupe.  Irena performed the work "Maya", with the choreography of Shlomo Biton as part of "Curtain up festival".  Today she teaches at the Kibbutz Dance Troupe, "The Seminar", "Project Masa", and the Vertigo Dance Troupe.

Jenny Hana Adlerbloom

A graduate of the "School for Visual Theater" in Jerusalem, Jenny's Bagrut (Matriculation) major at ORT Haim Weizman was in Art. She earned a BA in Advertising from “Del Pacifico” in Santiago, Chile.

Oren Tishler

Oren was a professional dancer for fourteen year in leading dance troupes in Israel, including the Kibbutz Dance Troupe, Ido Tadmor, Vertigo, Na Dar, Anat Danieli, Shlomit Fundmensky, Dada, and others.  He now teaches at schools, colleges, and professional groups, especially "contact style" dance, and is now studying for a degree in Education.  An                                                                                                 independent stage performer who works with different artists                                                                                                            on unique performance, he has founded and ran the "Young                                                                                                    Vertigo" troupe.  He ran the Dada Seminar for training dancers.                                                                                                       He is the Artistic Director of the troupe "Emperors", and founded                                                                                                      and ran the Dance track at Ein Hashofet.

Lilly Goren

Graduate of the Gaaton and Vertigo Seminars, Lilly danced in the Young Vertigo Troupe and participated in many projects in Israel. She danced in the works of Meirav Cohen “Dreams” as part of the Akko Lab Troupe, in the works of Racheli Zohar and Maayan Leiberman-Sharon “Sofa” and “Only Today.”

Hila Spector

2012 graduate of the Theater School for Visual Arts; 2014 graduate of the Body Theater School

Nicole Mahler

Nicole studied in the program for Outstanding Dancers at the School “Da Fleis” in London. In Israel she learned in many choreography seminars. She performed in the works of Meirav Cohen, Michael Miller, Sharon Dvir and others, and worked with the choreographer Michael Kagan Rolen. Today she teaches seminars “Release” and improvisation to dancers and teaches in the “Learning Group” at the School for Dance at Ein Hashofe

Gustavo Bustamante

Musician, composer and singer in the Alternative Theater Center   in Shlomi. In 2004 he directed students in the Alternative Theater Center in their final projects. He has been a composer for The       Galilee Multicultural Theater since 2006.

Hila flashkes
born 1971‭, ‬israel. she is a multidisciplinary artist, a puppeteer, stage designer and graphic artist. she is a graduate (1997) of the vital school of design, tel aviv and dasarts (2006)

Orna Rotbart-Nitsan, 
Marketing Director of the Theater, earned a Master of Arts In Media studies from The New School For Social Research in New York City, and a B.A. in Art History and Theater from Tel Aviv University.