Meeting the musician Wassim Bashara.

The meeting with Wassim is a glimpse into the world of Arab music, an acquaintance with the Oud and the Arab violin. During the meeting, Wassim tells about playing these instruments, their history and their use, as compared with the Western music: the techniques of playing, the differences between them and their western "relatives" and their use. He also talks about the use of music as means to create a dialogue and sustain it. The audience will actively participate in this meeting.

Wassim Bashara participated in various productions of Classical Arab music, Israeli music and productions for the theater both within Israel and abroad. He plays the first violin in the Classic Arab Orchestra and Choir in Tarshiha, and appeared with the Tarshiha Orchestra in the Festival for Arab music in the Cairo Opera House, Egypt. He has assembled a new group named "Shahana" for ethnic music in Tel Aviv, which specializes in Western music, and in which the musicians are both Arabs and Jews. This group has appeared, among other places, in the Summer Festival in Ramallah.