The Canberra Times

February 5th by Philip O'brien

...Together , both performers explore their differences and similarities with a minimum of language, using humor , movement and music, and from their very different backgrounds, these two artists, friends and neighbors, celebrate their common humanity in a manner which encourages us to value and respect other cultures ...



2011 Israelis and Palestinians working for a better future conference , Providence University , Neighbors .US

2009 INFANT International Alternative Theatre Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

2008 The Pride of Place Theater Festival , Alnwick , England

2008 Drew University . New Jersey USA

2007 Chihuahua International Festival , Mexico

2005 The Acre Fringe Theater Festival, Israel

2005 The Art House, Singapore

2005 The National Multicultural Festival, Canberra, Australia

2004 Human Forum of Puerto Rico

2004 The Philadelphia Fringe Festival ,USA

2004 The Jerusalem International Puppets Festival ,Israel

2004 Marsh Theatre, San Francisco ,USA

Neighbors is a meeting of worlds, and a meeting of friends. Wassim Bashara, an Arab musician, and Pablo Ariel, a Jewish actor, come together in a unique exploration of their differences and human similarities. They talk, they play, and tell each other stories in different languages - without words. Pablo is a world renowned creator of 'object theater', and Wassim is a virtuoso musician on Oud and Violin - in their own artistic languages, from their own cultural backgrounds, these two artists, friends, and neighbors, meet, explore and enjoy their common humanity.

Neighbors is a warm, surprising, and intimate performance, revealing itself to the audience like a poetry book without words. Each 'page' is a new world: a world of music, a world of puppetry, a world of humor and connection. Pieces of sponge, salt-cellars, and baking bowls dancing to original musical compositions become symbols of hope and co-existence in this charming encounter between an Arab musician and a Jewish actor: neighbors and friends.

Wassim Bashara Born in the Israel Arab village of Tarshiha, Wassim is considered one of the most talented and moving artists in Arab classical and improvised music. His career thus far has included participation in numerous productions of Arab classical music, classical Israel music and theatre productions in Israel as well as abroad. He is the first violin of the Tarshiha Orchestra and Choir of Classical Arab music Performed with.Tarshiha orchestra at the Arabic Music Festival which was held in the Opera House in Cairo, Egypt Established a new band, "Sahana", for ethnic music in Tel Aviv which specialized in Western music. The band was made up of four Arabic and Jewish players. We performed throughout Israel in numerous public appearances. We also performed at the Ramallah Summer Festival where ethnic bands from all over the world come every year to perform.