2012      Grand Theater Groningen , Brakke Grond, and                      Jewish Museum, Amsterdam ,Sofia's drawings                            Holland tour

Revolution Theater festival , Albuquerque ,Sofia's drawings . US

IPAY conference , Austin , Sofia's drawings US

2010      Chicago Humanities Festival , U.S

Bristol Jewish theatre festival U.S

2008      Limud ,England

2007      The Haifa international Theatre festival -Israel

The Jerusalem International Puppets festival- Israel

The Chihuahua International festival – Mexico

The play is based on a series of drawings made by Sofia, a 16 year old girl; Sofia made these drawings in Holland while she was hiding from the Nazis during the war. By making use of the drawings through various visual techniques, the play tells Sofia ’s life story during that

period. Most of the Sofia's drawings were drawings from fairy tales, this tales help Sofia to find a different reality far from the war. We show the pictures and we play with the fairy tales giving them a new spirit having to do with Sofia’s reality

Sofia was the daughter of Clara Asscher-Pinkhof, a known children’s author. Sofia , in time, became a painter.

Efrat Hadany, an actress, puppeteer and sculptress, and Sofia ’s daughter, acts in the play and relates her mother’s story.

The play, a result of meetings between Efrat Hadany and Pablo Ariel, the director and an actor in the play uses a special language and allows a meeting of three generations of creative women.

The play, which is mainly visual and hardly uses any words, is accompanied by a translation into various languages. The play is intended for adults.

The play combines actors, a puppet theatre, black theatre as well as the making of a video in front of the audience.

From the judges' argumentation:

"The play " Sofia 's Drawings" is a fine and sophisticated weaving of many stage elements which are combined to tell one story. It is blessed with an unusual wealth of ways of expression which defy the limitations of the theatre language and the theatrical experience. It is clear that its creators approach their task with complete candidness telling a

personal, meaningful and interesting story and succeeding to turn it into ameaningful and touching story for the young as well as for young adults".